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Article 99

The sending of election materials from the CEC to the CEAZ

1. The CEC sends the following election materials divided into separate boxes for each voting centre to the CEAZ headquarters not later than 3 days before the date of the elections:

a) the necessary number of ballot papers, in accordance with the number of voters registered in that voting centre, together with the additional ballot papers;

b) the stamp of the VCC;

c) the forms for voting centre official records, including the templates of the official records and of the decisions for the sealing of the ballot boxes, the opening of the voting centre, the suspension of voting, a request for police assistance and police departure, as well as the closing of the polls;

ç) the VCC Meeting Record Book;

d) an envelope marked “SPOILED BALLOT PAPERS”;

dh) an envelope marked “UNUSED BALLOT PAPERS”;

e) an envelope marked “THE ENVELOPE FOR THE RECORD OF SEALING”, and

ë) the special ink to mark the voter and the equipment for checking it.

2. Apart from the boxes with the election materials, according to point 1 of this article, the CEAZs are provided with the following:

a) ballot boxes for each voting centre, in compliance with the requirements of this Code;

b) a sufficient number of security codes, according to the CEC decision;

c) a sufficient number of voting booths;

ç) a sufficient number of copies of the Electoral Code and election manuals;

d) a sufficient number of stamps for the VCC chairmen; and

dh) other equipment necessary for the voting process.

3. The CEC delivers to the CEAZ the seals packaged in accordance with article 100 of this Code enclosed in security packaging, and without identifying the serial number of the seal.

4. Apart from the materials for the VCCs according to point 1 of this article, the CEC delivers to the CEAZ the CEAZ Meeting Record Book, the Tables for VC Results by the Counting Teams, the Table of Election Results for the Electoral Administration Zone, the stamp of the CEAZ as well as other materials necessary for the administration of elections. The equipment and technological materials provided in point 4 of article 94 of this Code are to be sent and installed in accordance with the procedures specified by a special instruction of the CEC.