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Article 368

368.1. The citizens that wish to run as independent candidates for an elective office should inform the Institute in writing using the form determined by the Institute.

368.2. During the federal electoral processes in which the head of the Federal Executive Branch and the two Chambers of the Congress of the Union are renewed, or when only the Chamber of Representatives is renewed, the declaration of intent should be made from the day after that in which the Call was issued and until the period for collecting the corresponding citizen support begins, in accordance with the following rules:

a) The applicants for the office of President of the United Mexican States, before the Executive Secretary of the Institute;

b) The applicants for the office of Senator by the principle of plurality, before the Executive Member of the corresponding Local Board, and

c) The applicants for the office of Representative by the principle of plurality, before the executive member of the corresponding district board.

368.3. Once the communication referred to in paragraph 1 of this article has been made and the respective certi f cate has been received, the citizens acquire the status of applicants.

368.4. With the declaration of intent, the independent candidate should present the documentation that accredits the creation of a legal person in the form of a Civil Association, which should receive the same treatment as a political party in the fiscal regime. The Institute will establish the only model for the statutes of the civil association. In the same way, they should accredit their inscription before the Tax Administration System and attach the dates of the bank account opened in the name of the legal person to receive the corresponding public and private financing.

368.5. The legal person referred to in the previous paragraph should be constituted by at least the applicant for independent candidates, the legal representative and the person in charge of the administration of the resources of the independent candidate.