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Article 100

1. The CEAZ, no later than 15 hours prior to the opening of the voting, is to deliver the election materials to the VCCs under its jurisdiction. The chairman, the deputy chairman, accompanied by any other member who makes a request, as well as the secretary of the VCC appear at the headquarters of the CEAZ and take:

a) the box with election materials, according to point 1 of article 99 of this Code;

b) the ballot box/es;

c) voter lists;

ç) the voting booths;

d) seals with the security codes; and

dh) other equipment necessary for the voting process.

2. The chairman of the VCC receives the stamp of the chairman from the CEAZ. The chairman of the respective VCC, in the presence of the CEAZ members, performs the following actions in turn:

a) he takes at random a stamp from the relevant pile of packaged stamps;

b) he tears the wrapping of the stamp;

c) on a white sheet of paper, he stamps a sample for the comparison of the stamp; and

ç) under each stamp he writes his name and surname by hand and signs in the presence of the CEAZ members.

3. The white paper with the sample for the comparison of each stamp, according to point 2 of this article, is to be signed on the reverse side by the CEAZ members and is kept safely by the secretary of the CEAZ.

4. The seals with the security codes are handed over with a separate official record, where the security codes are recorded for each seal. The VCC receives as many seals with security codes as are needed to seal the ballot boxes and the box with election materials, as well as three additional seals to be used only in case of damage. The additional seals must be of a different colour from those that will be used as a rule for sealing the ballot box. One copy of the official record where the security codes are noted, including the additional security codes, is kept by the CEAZ and one copy is given to the VCC.

5. The stamps of the VCCs and those of the VCC chairmen, each separately, are produced and delivered to the CEC packaged in security packaging. The number of the stamps produced for the VCCs and the VCC chairmen is equal to the number of the VCCs and VCC chairmen nationwide.