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Article 65
The voting slip, on which one votes in the constituency in which a representative of a national minority is to be elected, shall content:
1. name and family name of the candidate and his/her deputy
2. full and abbreviated name of the political party, or parties or party coalitions that nominated the candidate. If the candidate has been nominated by a group of voters in accordance with the provisions of this Act, next to his/her name a notice »independent candidate« is to be placed.
3. serial number
Candidates shall be listed on the voting slip in that order in which they are listed on the list of candidates for election of representatives of national minorities. In front of name and family name of a candidate an ordinal number is to be placed.
One shall vote only for candidates for election of representatives of national minorities listed on the election slip, by means of encircling the ordinal number in front of the candidate's name.