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Article 3

3.1. The political parties are public interest entities with legal personality and their own assets, with legal registration before the National Electoral Institute or before the Local Public Bodies, and their purpose is to promote the participation of the people in the democratic life, to contribute to the integration of the representative political institutions and, as citizens´ organizations, to enable the access of the citizens to the exercise of the public power.

3.2. It is the exclusive right of the Mexican citizens to be part of political parties and to aff liate freely and individually with them; therefore, the intervention of the following is forbidden:

a) Civil organizations, social organizations or trade unions, be they national or foreign;

b) Organizations with a social purpose other than the creation of parties, and

c) Any type of corporative aff liation.

3.3. The political parties will promote the civic values and the democratic culture among girls, boys and adolescents, and will seek the effective participation of both genders in the integration of their bodies, as well as in the nomination of candidates.

3.4. Every political party will determine and make public the criteria to guarantee gender parity in the candidatures for federal and local legislators. These should be objective and ensure conditions of equality between the genders.

3.5. Criteria that result in that any of the genders are exclusively assigned to those districts in which the party has obtained the lowest percentages of votes in the previous electoral process will not be allowed under any circumstances.