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Article 91

1. The coalition agreement will, in all cases, contain:

a) The political parties that form it;

b) The federal or local electoral process that gives rise to it;

c) The procedure that each party will follow for the selection of the candidates that will be nominated by the coalition;

d) The electoral platform and, where applicable, the government program supported by its candidate for President of the United Mexican States should be appended, as well as the documents in which the approval of the corresponding party bodies is recorded;

e) Where applicable, a statement of the political party to which each of the candidates registered by the coalition originally belong and a statement of the parliamentary group or political party to which they will belong if they are elected, and

f) For the case of the lodging of challenges set out in the law on the matter, who will be empowered to represent the coalition.

2 . In the coalition agreement it should be stated that the political parties that form a coalition, according to the type of coalition in question, subject themselves to the campaign expenditure ceilings that have been set for the various elections, as if they were only one party. In the same way, the amount of the contributions of each of the political parties that form a coalition for the development of the respective campaigns should be set out, as well as the form it will be reported in the corresponding reports. 3. The total, partial and flexible coalitions will receive the prerogatives of access to airtime in radio and television in the terms set out in the General Law on Electoral Institutions and Procedures.

4. In all cases, the messages in radio and television of the coalition candidates should identify this quality and the party responsible for the message.

5. The established in Section A of Basis III of article 41 of the Constitution is applicable to the electoral coalitions, independently of their territorial area and the type of election, at all times and for all circumstances.