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Article 17

§ 1. The municipal administration is obligated to hand out copies of the completed list of voters to persons acting on behalf of a political party, asking for a copy by registered mail sent to the burgomaster of the municipality no later than on the 33th day before the Election Day and who commit in writing to present a candidates’ list to the Chamber.

Each political party may obtain two specimen or copies of this voters’ register free of charge, either on paper or on a chosen electronic standard device, only after having delivered a list of candidates to the Chamber in the electoral constituency where the municipality is situated in which the demand for the delivery of the list has been handed in according to the 1st sentence.

Persons listed under the 1st sentence can order additional copies of the lists against a fee which has been defined by the Council of burgomasters and lay judges.

If the political party is not presenting any list of candidates, it is no longer allowed to use the voters’ list for electoral purposes, on pain of penalties enacted in article 197bis.

§ 2. All persons figuring in the documents of presentation of the candidates for the election, can get specimen or copies of the voters’ list for a fee, after having put in the necessary demand mentioned in § 1er, 1st sentence.

The municipality administration verifies that the applicant runs for the election as a candidate before handing out the documents.

If the applicant is erased from the candidates’ list, he is no longer allowed to use the voters’ register for an electoral purpose, on pain of penalties enacted in article 197bis.

§ 3. The municipality administration is not allowed to deliver specimen or copies of the voters’ register to other persons than the ones having ordered it according to § 1, 1st sentence or to § 2, 1st sentence. The persons who have received the specimen or copies are not allowed to pass them on to a third party.

The specimen or copies of the voters’ list that have been delivered according to §§ 1 and 2, may only be used for electoral purposes at all times, even outside the time period between the date of delivery of the list and the date of the elections.

The specimen or copies of the voters’ list delivered according to §§ 1 and 2 may not contain the identification numbers from the national Register on individual persons