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Article 71

A voter who due to some physical handicap or illiteracy cannot vote independently, may come to the polling station with another person who is literate and who shall by his/her authorisation and according to his/her instruction encircle the ordinal number in front of the list name, or the name of the candidate for who the voter is casting his/her vote.

A voter who is not able to come to the polling station, shall inform the Electors Committee of that fact. The president of the Committee shall determine at least two members of the electors committee or deputies, who will visit the voter and enable voting for him, taking into account the secrecy of the voting procedure.

The president of the Electors Committee is obliged to register to the Electors Committee work minutes particular events like voting of voters with a physical handicap, illiterate voters, and voting outside the polling station by previous notice of voters.