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Article 50

As of the date of candidate list validation, until completion of the election campaign (hereinafter referred to as the election campaign), candidate list submitting entities shall be entitled to inform citizens of their candidates, programmes and activities on a daily basis, in equal duration and free of charge, through the national public broadcaster Radio and Television of Montenegro, as well as through regional and local public broadcasters, within the same daily timeslots and topical coverage of news-stories.

Throughout election campaigns, candidate list submitting entities shall be entitled to promote their candidates and programmes and to announce their promotion rallies in shows, during topical coverage of news-stories and through advertisements of commercial broadcasters, for a fee and in accordance with the rules adopted by the broadcaster.

Commercial broadcasters shall enable paid advertising to validated candidate list submitting entities, under equal conditions.

Assets (money, technical devices, premises, equipment, and the like) of state bodies, public companies, public institutions and funds, local government units, or companies in which the state has an ownership stake may not be used for candidate list presentation purposes.