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Article 109

The head of the polling station is responsible for taking the necessary measures to maintain order and peace in the premises where the election takes place.

He has the local authority and may delegate it to one of the members of the polling station to maintain order in the waiting room.

Only the voters of this section and the candidates shall be authorized to enter this room.

The voters may only be allowed to stay in the part of the polling station where the voting takes place during the time it takes to compile and deliver the ballot papers.

The experts who organize the electronic vote and who have been appointed compliant to the article 5bis of the law from 11 April 1994, and the persons in charge of the technical assistance shall have access to the polling station on the day of the elections after showing their authorization card from the Federal Public Service Interior to the chairman of the polling station. They shall not be armed.

No armed forces shall be present in the committee room or in the premises where the voting takes place without the request of the head. The civil authorities and the military commanders shall obey his orders.