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Article 68a

Electronic voter identification devices shall be used at polling stations. Voters shall be identified electronically in order to cast their votes.

The polling board shall not allow voters who refuse to be identified electronically to cast their votes. Electronic devices shall be a complete hardware and software unit comprising:

- electronic reader of machine readable zone (MRZ) on ID cards and passports;

- computer into whose memory the extract from the concluded electoral register for a precisely designated polling station shall be uploaded, including the last photo of voter from the registers of ID cards or passports;

- printer to print the confirmation of successful voter identification.

Data to be uploaded into the device referred to in para.4 of this Article shall be deleted within 30 days of the day when final election results are announced.

Instructions for using electronic voter identification devices referred to in para.1 of this Article shall be laid down by the ministry in charge of electoral registers.

The Ministry in charge of electoral registers shall make an electronic version of the extract from the electoral register for the needs of electronic voter identification at polling stations, for each polling station on the appropriate electronic storage medium within 72 hours of the date when the decision to conclude the electoral register was issued.

Procurement and maintenance of electronic voter identification devices shall be conducted by the body in charge of managing the electoral register. The State Election Commission shall control the process and use of electronic voter identification devices.