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Article 68b

When they come to the polling station, voters shall hand over their ID card or passport to the polling board presiding officer. The polling board presiding officer shall find the voter, through electronic identification, in the electronic and printed extract from the electoral register, the voter shall place his signature on the place designated for that purpose in the extract from the electoral register, after which the polling board shall allow the voter to vote.

The electronic identification device shall display a photo of the voter on the monitor and print out a paper stub (confirmation) which shall contain name and surname, voter's PIN and ordinal number which is identical to that in the printed electoral register. The printed stub (confirmation) shall be signed personally and in clear script by the polling board presiding officer and polling board member from the opposite political party (adherence to the government-opposition parity), which shall then be kept together with the counterfoil.

Where electronic voter identification becomes disabled during voting due to justifiable objective circumstances such as a power cut lasting several hours or a system failure, the polling board shall take a decision to continue voting following the visual identification system which implies that the board presiding officer shall examine the ID card or the passport to confirm voter's identity, find him on the printed electoral register and enable him to place his signature and send him to the polling area.

When the voter has cast his vote, polling board presiding officer and member referred to in para.4 of this Article shall personally sign the overleaf of the counterfoil in clear script.