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Article 82

Voters may vote only for one candidate list from the ballot paper.

Votes shall be cast by circling the ordinal number in front of the title of the candidate list for which the vote is cast, or by circling the title of the list or the name and surname of the leader of the list.

Voters shall personally fold the ballot paper that has been filled in so that no one can see how they voted, while leaving the counterfoil unobstructed, and thereafter, while holding in their hands the folded ballot paper, they shall go to the ballot box and enable the polling board member chosen by drawing lots, and if need be, the member designated by the polling board, to detach the counterfoil from the ballot paper along the line of perforations.Voters shall thereafter put the ballot paper in the appropriate ballot box and leave the polling station. Member of the polling board referred to in para.3 of this Article shall arrange detached counterfoils following the serial numbers order and keep them in the manner laid down in the rules adopted by the State Election Commission.