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Article 74

When the Electors Committee establishes the results of the voting at a polling station, the following facts shall be entered to the minutes of their work:

– the number of voters according to the voting list,

– how many voters have voted according to the extract from the voting list, and how many on the basis of a certificate of responsible state administration body and how many totally,

– how many votes has each list won, or a particular candidate for the election of a representative of national minority,

– how many voting slips have been declared non-valid.


All other fact important for the voting procedure shall be entered to the minutes on work of the Electors Committee.


Every member of the Electors Committee shall be authorised to give written notices to the minutes.


All the members of the electors committee shall sign the minutes.


Every member of the Electors Committee and every deputy is entitled to a photocopy or a transcript of the minutes on the work of the electors committee, authorized by their signatures of all the members of the committee.