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Article 196

All persons in charge of the preparation or establishing of the voters’ lists who in the intention to erase a voter from the list, have deliberately used information or documents either falsified by alteration, removal or addition, either faked, or who has intentionally inaccurately reproduced the information on the voters’ lists, by alteration, addition or omission, from the documents information that have been used to establish the voters’ lists, is subject to a fine of 26 to 200 euros and a prison sentence of 8 to 15 days. If the crime has been committed to procure the electorate, the punishment shall be 8 days to one month and the fine 50 to 500 euros.

The prescription of six months mentioned in article 204, on the infringements stipulated in the previous article, starts on the day the voters’ lists and the attached documents are send to the governor of the province or to the magistrate he appointed, or in the case of the municipalities of Comins-Warneton and Fourons, to the commissioner of the municipality of Mouscron and to the commissioner of the municipality of Tongres relatively.