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Article 4.23

(1) After the certification of the submitted candidates lists the Central Election Commission of BiH shall publish a list of candidates with the names of the certified political parties, coalitions, independent candidates and lists of independent candidates for each election in the sequence of the lottery number resulting from the lottery established in Article 5.15 of this law. The lists of candidates shall be published no later than 45 days before the Election Day in the official gazettes. The candidates’ lists shall also be posted at the Polling Stations and published in the media.

(2) The Central Election Commission of BIH shall remove from the candidate list the candidates referred to in Article 4.21, paragraph (4) of this Law and order the political party, coalition or list of independent candidates to replace the candidates on the candidate list within the period of 48 hours and such candidates shall be subject to verifications in accordance with the provision of this Law.

(3) If the political party, coalition or independent candidate list fails to replace such candidates within the period of time required under paragraph (2) of this Article, the candidates’ list without the names of candidates referred to in Article 4.21, paragraph (4) of this Law shall be shall be considered complete and certified.