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Article 5.3

(1) The Municipal Election Commission, as directed by the Central Election Commission of BiH, shall deliver, no later than twelve (12) hours prior to the opening of polling stations on election day, the polling material to the Polling Station Committee, including the required number of ballot boxes, the required number of ballots, the required number of candidates lists, the excerpt from the Central Voters Register for a specific Polling Station, and the form of the Polling Station committee Poll Book whereof the minutes shall be made, signed by all Polling Station Committee members.

(2) In the event that the polling material referred to in the paragraph (1) of this Article is not delivered as complete and correct, the Polling Station Committee shall inform the Municipal Election Commission thereof, and the Municipal Election Commission shall be required to remove all detected deficiencies without delay, but not later than by the time the Polling Station is opened.

(3) The Polling Station Committee shall be responsible for security of the polling material from its receipt until the Polling Station Committee has completed all its duties after the close of the Polling Station, and polling materials have been delivered to the Municipal Election Commission, in accordance with this Law.