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Article 9.5

(1) Mandates are allocated in each constituency in the following manner: For each political party and coalition, the total number of valid votes received by that political party or coalition shall be divided by 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, et seq., as long as necessary for the allocation in question. The numbers resulting from this series of divisions shall be the “quotients”.

The number of votes for an independent candidate is the quotient for that candidate.

(2) The quotients shall be arranged in order from the highest quotient to the lowest quotient.
Mandates shall be distributed, in order, to the highest quotient until all the constituency mandates for the body have been distributed.

(3) Political parties, coalitions, lists of independent candidates and independent candidates cannot participate in the allocation of mandates if they do not win more than 3% of the total number of valid ballots in a constituency.