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Article 33

(1) Any persons, who have not been entered on a roll under Article 31 (1) herein, may dispute the non-entry thereof within three days after the publishing of the roll before the Central Election Commission, which shall pronounce within three days by a decision, which shall be appealable before the Supreme Administrative Court according to the procedure established by Article 58 herein.

(2) (Amended and supplemented, SG No. 39/2016, effective 26.05.2016) Any voter, who has not been entered on the roll under Article 31 (1) herein but has the right to vote, shall be added to the roll by the section election commission upon presentation of an identity document and of a declaration completed in a standard form to the effect that he or she satisfies the conditions to elect. Upon elections of President and Vice President of the Republic, of National Representatives and of Members of the European Parliament for the Republic of Bulgaria, the voter shall furthermore present a declaration completed in a standard form to the effect that he or she has not voted and will not vote elsewhere in the same elections. The said declaration shall be attached to the electoral roll and shall constitute an integral part thereof. All particulars of the voter according to the identity document thereof shall be entered on the roll.

(3) Any refusal by a section election commission abroad to admit to voting and to effect an additional entry of a voter on polling day shall be in writing, shall be served upon the person concerned and may be disputed before the Central Election Commission by electronic means. The Central Election Commission shall forthwith pronounce by a decision which shall be made public immediately on the Internet site of the Commission.