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Section H10a

  1. In the case of an election to the House of Representatives or a provincial council in a province with more than one electoral district, a candidate resident in the European part of the Netherlands may designate, in the declaration of consent, an agent resident in the European part of the Netherlands, stating the latter’s name, initials and address. If the candidate appears on more than one list, the same agent shall be named in each declaration. The agent is empowered, in the candidate’s place, to perform the acts referred to in section V 2, subsections 1, 4 and 5, section V 3, subsections 1 and 2, and section W 2, subsection 1 (f).


  1. This authorisation may be used only to ensure that candidates on the political grouping’s joint lists are declared appointed in the order established by the said grouping before nomination day.


  1. If the appointment precedes the first meeting of the newly-elected assembly, the authorisation may not be used for candidates who have obtained a number of votes on the joint lists on which they appear which exceeds 25% of the electoral quota.


  1. The political grouping shall communicate the order referred to in subsection 2 to the central electoral committee no later than two weeks after nomination day. The chairperson of the central electoral committee shall ensure that the order is published in the Government Gazette as soon as possible.


  1. Section H 10, subsection 2 shall apply mutatis mutandis.