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§ 14.

(1) The function of the State Electoral Office is: 1) to ensure the holding of the referendum in accordance with law, to organise electronic voting and ascertain the results of electronic voting; 2) to exercise supervision over the activities of the voting managers; 3) to organise the development and management of the technical solutions necessary for the performance of the duties arising from the Acts; 4) to perform other duties arising from this Act. (2) For the performance of their functions, the State Electoral Office: 1) shall give written instructions to the voting managers for ensuring the uniformity of the referendum; 2) shall issue oral and written orders to the voting managers, which are mandatory for performance; 3) shall prepare a draft budget for the preparation and holding of the referendum and submit it to the Government of the Republic through the minister responsible for the area; 4) shall distribute among the county heads of elections, upon approval of the National Electoral Committee, the funds allocated for holding of the referendum and establish the procedure for using the funds allocated to the county heads of elections and voting district committees; 5) shall ensure the availability of the inventory and services necessary for holding of the referendum; 6) shall instruct and train the voting managers; 7) may remove a person managing the voting who has violated the law or an order of the State Electoral Office from the holding of the voting; 8) if necessary, shall make a proposal to the National Electoral Committee for adopting of the resolutions provided for in clauses 12 (2) 2)–4) of this Act. (3) The Head of the State Electoral Office shall sign a written order of the State Electoral Office. A written order shall enter into force upon signature thereof. [RT I, 06.05.2016, 1 - entry into force 01.01.2017]