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Section 45

Ballot Papers, Envelopes for the Postal Ballot

(1) The ballot paper shall be at least 21 by 29.7 cm in size (standard German A4 size) and made of white or offwhite paper. The nature of the paper must ensure that, after the voter has marked and folded the ballot paper, it is impossible for other persons to find out how the voter has cast his or her vote. In accordance with the specimen at Annex 26, the ballot paper shall contain the following information in the order and numeration of the promulgated nominations and Land lists:

1. for the constituency election, the approved constituency nominations in black type, comprising the surname, forename, occupation or status and town of residence (main residence) of the candidate, the name of the party and the shortened form of its name if it uses such a form or the identifying word in the case of other constituency nominations (Section 20 subsection (3) of the Federal Elections Act) and, to the right of each candidate's name, a circle for the voter's mark; in case of evidence provided in accordance with Section 38 fourth sentence, the town to be indicated is that where the candidate may be contacted, instead of his or her town of residence (main residence).

2. for the Land list election, the approved Land lists in blue type, comprising the name of the party and the shortened form of its name if it uses such a form, the surnames and forenames of the first five candidates and, to the left of the party designation, a circle for the voter's mark.

In addition, a registered religious name or pseudonym (Section 5 subsection (2) number 12 of the Act on Identity Cards, Section 4 subsection (1) number 4 of the Passport Act) may be indicated. Each constituency candidate and each Land list shall have a box. The ballot papers must be of the same color and quality in each polling district.

(2) The upper right corner of the ballot paper shall be punched or cut off to enable the use of ballot paper templates. Immediately after their completion, specimens of the ballot papers shall be made available to the associations of the blind who have expressed their willingness to produce ballot paper templates.

(3) The ballot paper envelopes for the postal ballot should be 11.4 by 16.2 cm in size (standard German C6 size), blue and printed in accordance with the specimen at Annex 10.

(4) The official return envelopes for the postal ballot should be approximately 12 by 17.6 cm in size, light red and printed in accordance with the specimen at Annex 11.

(5) Character font, size and contrast are to be chosen so as to facilitate legibility.

(6) The Constituency Returning Officer shall allocate the ballot papers to the local au-thorities of the municipalities for distribution to the Electoral Officers. He or she shall supply the local authorities with the official return envelopes and ballot paper envelopes required for the postal ballot.