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Section M7

  1. The voter shall cast his vote on the ballot paper sent to him by colouring red, blue, black or green a white spot opposite the name of the candidate of his choice.


  1. He shall then fold the ballot paper in such a way that the names of the candidates are not visible and put it in the envelope intended for that purpose.


  1. He shall sign a declaration on the postal vote certificate that he has completed the ballot paper personally.


  1. He shall then put the postal vote certificate and the envelope containing the ballot paper in the accompanying return envelope and send it sealed to the address on the return envelope. The voter shall ensure that the return envelope is adequately stamped. 

  2. If the return envelope is addressed to the mayor of The Hague, the voter may send it to the head of the consular mission within whose area his place of residence or abode is located, who will ensure that it is forwarded as quickly as possible to the mayor of The Hague.

  3. If the return envelope is addressed to the representative of the Netherlands in Aruba, Curaçao or St Maarten, the voter may hand it in to one of the locations designated by the said representative in the set of instructions referred to in section M 6, subsection 1 (e).