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Article 265

(1) After being admitted to vote, the voter shall receive a paper ballot from a member of the section election commission who shall detach the said ballot from the book of ballots immediately before delivering the said ballot and shall stamp the said ballot with the seal of the commission. The voter shall proceed with the paper ballot so received to the booth in order to vote.

(2) Only one voter may be present in the booth.

(3) The voter shall vote by performing the following steps:

1. marking the square with the number of the candidate list of his or her choice with an aXa or a aVa, which expresses unequivocally the vote thereof;

2. (amended, SG No. 35/2014, effective 22.04.2014) if he or she so wishes, the voter shall mark the circle with the number whereby the candidate of his or her choice is registered on the list of a party or coalition of his or her choice with an aXa or a aVa, which shows unequivocally his or her preference for the respective candidate;

3. the voter shall fold the ballot in a manner which makes invisible the marked choice of a party, coalition or nomination committee or preference;

4. the voter shall exit the booth and shall hand the folded ballot to a member of the commission.

(4) The member of the commission shall check whether the number on the ballot matches the number on the book of ballots and if the two numbers match shall restamp the ballot with the seal of the commission and shall detach the counterfoil showing the ballot number which the said member shall deposit in a separate box.

(5) If the two numbers mismatch, the ballot shall be pronounced invalid and this circumstance shall be noted on the ballot and in the column designated aNotesa on the electoral roll. The voter shall not be readmitted to voting.

(6) After the ballot is restamped, the voter shall deposit the said ballot in the ballot box, shall sign the electoral roll, shall be given the documents thereof back, including the certificate referred to in sentence two of Article 263 (1) or (2) herein, and shall leave the polling site.