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Article 273

(1) The section election commission shall ascertain the results of voting by paper ballots and the machine voting results and shall enter the said results in a tally sheet.

(2) The tally sheet of the section election commission shall be in three identical copies and shall be manufactured of three-ply carbonless copy paper. The tally sheet shall be protected by print security features determined by a decision of the Central Election Commission. The tally sheet shall state the names of the parties, coalitions and nomination committees in the form in which they were registered to contest the elections. The names shall be printed in the tally sheet according to the sequential number on the ballot of the relevant party, coalition and nomination committee.

(3) Each copy of the tally sheet shall consist of two leaves with separate pages. The general data about the voting in the voting section and the votes for the parties, coalitions and nomination committees shall be entered on the first leaf. The preferences for the candidates of the parties and coalitions shall be entered on the second leaf.

(4) Before completing the tally sheet, a draft consisting of two leaves shall be prepared, whereof the form and content shall be identical with the tally sheet.