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Article 231

Article 231

(Self-government organs of autonomous regions)

1. The self-government organs of each autonomous region are the Legislative Assembly and the Regional Government.

2. Legislative Assemblies are elected by universal, direct and secret suffrage in harmony with the principle of proportional representation.

3. Each Regional Government is politically accountable to the Legislative Assembly of the autonomous region, and the Representative of the Republic appoints its president in the light of the results of the elections.

4. The Representative of the Republic appoints and discharges the remaining members of the Regional Government upon the proposal of the respective president.

5. Regional Governments are installed before the Legislative Assembly of the autonomous region.

6. Regional Governments have exclusive competence in matters concerning their own organisation and modus operandi.

7. The status and role of the officeholders of the self-government organs of the autonomous regions shall be defined in the respective political and administrative statute.