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Article 68

1. After each reelection of the General Council, its first session, which will be held within eight days of the inaugural one, shall deal with the election of the Head of Government.

2. The candidates shall be proposed for nomination by one fifth of the members of the General Council. Each Councillor may only endorse one candidacy.

3. The candidates shall present their programme and after a debate, the General Council shall elect the one that obtains the absolute majority of votes, in the first public ballot after a debate.

4. Should a second ballot be needed, only the two contenders with the best results in the first ballot may maintain their candidacy. The candidate with more votes shall be proclaimed Head of Government.

5. The Syndic General shall present the result of the ballot to the Coprinces so that the elected candidate may be appointed as the Head of Government, and the Syndic General shall countersign the appointment.

6. The same procedure shall be followed in any of the circumstances where the office of Head of Government becomes vacant