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Section 52

Federal Electoral Regulations

(1) The Federal Ministry of the Interior shall issue the Federal Electoral Regulations necessary for the implementation of this Law. It shall in particular include therein statutory provisions regarding

1. the appointment of Returning Officers and Electoral Officers, the establishment of Electoral Committees and Electoral Boards and the activities, quorum and proceed-ings of the electoral bodies,

2. appointments to honorary electoral posts, the reimbursement of expenses to persons holding honorary electoral posts, and the fining procedure,

3. polling,

4. the formation of polling districts and their notification to the public,

5. the individual preconditions concerning entry in the voters' registers, the keeping of such registers, their correction and closure, consultation of the voters' registers, objections to and complaints against the voters' register and the notification of persons eligible to vote,

6. the individual preconditions concerning the granting of polling cards and their is-suance as well as objections to and complaints against the refusal of polling cards,

7. proof that the preconditions concerning eligibility to vote and to stand for election have been met,

8. the procedure to be followed by the electoral bodies in accordance with Section 18 subsections (2) to (4a),

9. the submission, content and form of nominations and relevant documents, their examination, the rectifying of faults, their approval; complaints against decisions made by the Constituency Electoral Committee and the Land Electoral Committee as well as the announcement of nominations,

10. the form and content of the ballot paper and the ballot paper envelope,

11. the provision, furnishing and notification to the public of the polling stations as well as devices ensuring the secrecy of the ballot and polling booths,

12. voting, also any special arrangements required to meet special conditions,

13. the postal ballot,

14. making and accepting affirmations in lieu of an oath

15. voting in hospitals and nursing institutions, monasteries and convents, residential premises with limited access as well as sociotherapeutic and penal institutions,

16. the establishment of the election results, their transmission and announcement and the notification of the elected candidates,

17. the conduct of by-elections, repeat elections and replacement elections as well as the appointment of successors from the lists of candidates.

(2) The statutory provisions shall not require the endorsement of the Bundesrat.

(3) The Federal Ministry of the Interior shall be authorized to shorten the periods and deadlines prescribed in the Federal Elections Act and the Federal Electoral Regulations by means of an ordinance and without the endorsement of the Bundesrat if the Bundestag is dissolved.