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Article 11

(1) Within each of the 43 constituencies they shall set up uninominal colleges based on the norm of representation, as follows:

a) the number of uninominal colleges for the Chamber of Deputies, for the Senate respectively, shall be set by relating the number of inhabitants of each
constituency to the norms of representation stipulated in article 5 (2) and (3), to which they add a college of Deputy, respectively of Senator for what exceeds the half of the norm of representation, without the number of the colleges of Deputy in a constituency being less than 4, and that of Senator being less than 2;

b) the number of inhabitants taken into account at the calculation of the number of uninominal colleges which is delimitated within each county shall
be stipulated in article 5 (4). (2) The delimitation of the uninominal colleges shall be made by taking into account the following rules:

a) a constituency may only be formed of complete uninominal colleges;
b) the territory covered by a uninominal college must be on the territory of one and the same county, or of the municipality of Bucharest;

c) on the territory of a locality, they usually may delimitate only complete uninominal colleges;

d) a uninominal college may usually include one or more complete localities;

e) in the municipality of Bucharest, the uninominal colleges must not exceed the administrative-territorial limits between the 6 districts. In each of these districts they shall delimitate uninominal colleges for the election to the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, with the application of the provisions of paragraph (1) letter a), with the provisions of letter g) being applied for the uninominal colleges delimitated inside each individual district;

f) in the special constituency for Romanian citizens with the domicile outside the borders of Romania, they shall form 4 uninominal colleges for the election to the Chamber of Deputies, and 2 uninominal colleges for the election of the Senate. The geographical distribution of the 4 uninominal colleges for the Chamber of Deputies and of the 2 uninominal colleges for the Senate shall be set by Government decision, according to the decision of a special parliamentary committee set up based on the parliamentary proportional representation, within no more than 90 days of the entry into force of the present title;

g) within a constituency, the delimitation of the uninominal colleges for the election to the Chamber of Deputies and for the election to the Senate shall be made in such a way that their size, calculated in number of inhabitants, is bigger than the smallest uninominal college, in the situation when the provisions of letters a)–e) are observed;

h) a uninominal college for the election to the Senate shall always be formed of a complete number of uninominal colleges for the election to the Chamber of Deputies, complete and joint, within the same constituency.