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Article 19

Electoral commissions

All electoral commissions shall keep a record of the minutes of meetings and record their activities.A municipality where a senior electoral commission is elected, cf. Article 15, may decide that local electoral commissions use special forms in lieu of minutes.

The National Electoral Commission shall record its decisions concerning constituency boundaries according to Article 7, and its decisions concerning the number of constituent seats according to Article 9; it shall also record its decisions concerning political organisations and candidatures, the reception of ballot materials, the sum of votes for political organisations, and the allocation of parliamentary seats, etc. Senior electoral commissions shall record the receiving of candidatures, their processing to the National Electoral Commission and their reception anew, the dispatch of and reception of ballot papers and letters, delivering of various types of rulings, the counting of votes, the results of elections, etc. The local electoral commissions [and, as the case may be, the regional commissions] shall record anything as prescribed in this Act and which is of importance with respect to the conduct of the election.

The Ministry of Justice provides and certifies the record of minutes of the National Electoral Commission, [the senior electoral commissions and, as the case may be, the regional electoral commissions].1) The senior electoral commissions will provide and certify the records of minutes of the local electoral commissions.

The Ministry of Justice provides the electoral commissions with the seal of office.

1)1)Act No. 15/2003, Article 5.