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Section Ya6

1. If the principal electoral committee has discovered one or more omissions as referred to in section I 2 in relation to a list submitted in St Eustatius or Saba, it shall, notwithstanding section I 2, subsection 1, immediately inform the Lieutenant Governor of that public body of them by electronic means.

2. The Lieutenant Governor shall immediately notify the person who submitted the list of the omissions by registered letter or receipted delivery.

3. Without prejudice to section I 2, subsections 2, 5 and 6, the person who submitted the list in St Eustatius or Saba may rectify the omission or omissions specified in the notification at the clerk to the island executive’s office.

4. The Lieutenant Governors of St Eustatius and Saba shall assess the authenticity of the documents submitted to rectify the omissions that had been discovered, and record their findings in an accompanying declaration. A model accompanying declaration shall be established by ministerial order.

5. The Lieutenant Governors shall ensure that the principal electoral committee is immediately informed by electronic means of the documents submitted to rectify the omissions and the accompanying declarations. The Lieutenant Governors shall make certified copies of all these documents and keep them until the decision of the principal electoral committee, as referred to in section I 4, has become final.

6. They shall also ensure that the documents are placed in a sealed packet, which shall be delivered to the principal electoral committee by post as quickly as possible.