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Article 73

Voting at the polling session

In the event that the electoral commission has received a ballot box with the ballots cast outside of a regular polling session, the commission should then check if the seals on the boxes are whole and undamaged. The president then opens the ballot box and the electoral commission then counts the votes and compares them with the accompanying registers, cf. Article 66. The electoral commission shall then open the postal envelope and check if the pre-election ballot should be validated, cf. Article 91. If the ballot is to be validated, a special mark shall be placed temporarily by the name of the voter on the electoral register, but the unopened ballot paper envelope with the accompanying covering letter shall be placed again in the postal envelope, which should be taken aside and kept while the voting takes place. If the pre-election ballot is not to be validated, the ballot-paper envelope and covering letter shall be kept in the same manner, but the reason for the ballot not being validated shall be written on the postal envelope.

Covering letters that the electoral commission may have received or receives during the voting shall be numbered in a continuous order, and the total number shall be indicated in the election log book. These ballots shall be handled as described in paragraph 1.

If a voter is not on the electoral register in the polling ward (municipality), the electoral commission shall inquire where the voter is listed on an electoral register and whether it is possible to bring the covering letter to the relevant polling ward; otherwise the letter shall be kept until the voting ends.

In municipalities where a special senior electoral commission is elected, the electoral commission may begin the classification of ballots pursuant to paragraph 1 the day before election day, so that the ballot letter will be delivered to the correct polling ward on election day.