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Article 90

Voting at the polling session

After the polling has ended the electoral commission, in the presence of the agents of the electoral lists, will again survey the pre-election votes that were received by the electoral commission and which have not been taken back.

If a person whose ballot is being considered is listed on the electoral register, is entitled to vote, and has not cast a vote at the polling session, the electoral commission shall place its mark by the elector's name on the electoral register.

If the covering letter is not considered valid, cf. Article 91, it should be addressed as stated in paragraph 1 of Article 73.

If a voter, who has dispatched a pre-election ballot, is not on the electoral register in the polling ward, the electoral commission shall make a special note thereof in the election log book and shall then send such covering letters separately to the senior electoral commission [or the regional electoral commission].1)

1)Act No. 15/2003, Article 11.