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Article 51

1.         The number of the Members of Parliament shall be specified by statute; it cannot, however, be below two hundred or over three hundred.

2.         The Members of Parliament represent the Nation. 

3.         The Members of  Parliament shall be electedthrough direct,  universal and  secret ballot by the citizens who have the right to vote, as specified by law. The law cannot abridge the right to vote except in cases where a minimum age has not been attained or in cases of legal incapacity or as a result of irrevocable criminal conviction for certain felonies. 

**4.     Parliamentary elections shall be held simultaneously throughout the Country. Matters pertaining to the exercise of the right to vote by persons living outside the Country may be specified by statute, adopted by a majority of two thirds of the total number of Members of Parliament. Concerning such persons, the principle of simultaneously holding elections does not impede the exercise of their right to vote by postal vote or by other appropriate means, provided that the counting of votes and the announcement of the results is carried out when this is also carried out across the Country. 

**5.     The exercise of the right to vote is compulsory.