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Article 28

(1) The exercise of the right to vote in elections shall be made only on the basis of the identity card and the voting card, issued under the terms of the present title. The Romanian citizens with the domicile or residence abroad may also vote without the voting card.

(2) The model of the voting card shall be set by Government decision within 30 days of the entry into force of the present title.

(3) The voting card shall be drawn up by the community public services for personal records.

(4) The voting card shall be issued based on the identity card, only to the owner and under his/her signature, by the community public services for personal records.

(5) The community public services for personal records shall fulfil the obligations incumbent upon them according to paragraphs (3) and (4), in collaboration with the Permanent Electoral Authority, for Romanian citizens having the domicile or residence abroad as well.

(6) The voting card may be received only by its owner and under his/her signature, and shall be delivered on the election day by the electoral bureau of constituency on an identity card basis to the electors who have not collected their voting card from the community public service for personal records.

(7) The domicile shall be proven only by identity card.

(8) An elector shall be delivered a single voting card.

(9) Objections and contestations with regard to the drawing up or delivery of voting cards shall be addressed to the community public service for personal records and are to be solved within 3 days.

(10) Voting cards shall be permanent and valid for all types of elections, according to the number of ballots stipulated as such, and shall be delivered to the electors registered in the Electoral register.

(11) The voting card shall be held and used by its owner only.

(12) In case of loss or damage of the voting card, irrespective of reasons, the public service for personal records shall deliver a duplicate.

(13) The duplicate shall be delivered at the owner’s request, and on his/her account. The original card which has been declared lost or discarded shall be null and void.

(14) The voting card of the person who is crossed out from the electoral register is null and void. The Permanent Electoral Authority shall inform the community public services for personal records, the mayors, the diplomatic missions, and the electoral bureaux of constituencies in connection with the names of the citizens whose voting cards have become null and void.