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Article 10

(1) Of the nationwide 175 seats, 135 are constituency seats and 40 are compensatory seats.
The distribution of seats among regions and among multimember constituencies are determined and announced by the Minister for Social Welfare following publication of the population figure as at January 1st 2010, 2015, 2020, etc., and the distribution subsequently applies to the following elections.

(2) The distribution is fixed proportional to num bers, which for each region and each multimember constituency are computed as the sum of: 1) the population; 2) the number of voters in the last general election; and 3) the area in square kilo metres multiplied by 20, of the appropriate region or multimember constituency, respectively. If the number of seats resulting from the distribution are not integers and, therefore, do not add up to the necess ary number of seats when fractions are elimin ated, the largest fractions shall be increased until the number has been reached (the method of the largest remainders). If two or more fractions are of equal size, lots shall be drawn.

(3) According to the computation rule in subsection (2), the 175 seats are first distributed among the three regions. Next, the 135 constituency seats are distributed accordingly among the regions. Finally, the constituency seats are distributed among the multimember constituencies within the appro priate regions.

(4) If, by computation according to subsection (3), the Multimember Constituency of Bornholm fails to obtain at least two seats, a second distribution of seats shall be under taken in which the Multimember Consti tuency of Bornholm is allo cated two seats in advance. The re maining 133 constituency seats shall be finally distributed among the other multimember constitu encies as specified in subsec tion (3).

(5) The number of compensatory seats for alloca tion to each region shall be computed as the differ ence between the overall number of seats in the region and the number of constituency seats in the region.