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§ 76.

Registration of additional mandates

(1) The table of comparative figures of political parties which is approved by a resolution of the National Electoral Committee shall be the basis for the distribution of additional mandates. The National Electoral Committee shall forward the resolution to the Board of the Riigikogu. Riigikogu Election Act Page 31 / 32

(2) The table of comparative figures sets out the comparative figures obtained for political parties (subsection 62 (5)) in size order, starting from the comparative figure which was the first not to be taken into account upon distribution of compensation mandates.

(3) If at least two comparative figures are equal, the comparative figure of the political party which received more votes from voters shall receive a higher ranking. If an equal number of votes have been cast for political parties, the political party whose candidates were positioned further towards the bottom of the consolidated list of candidates in the electoral district shall receive a higher ranking. [RT I 2006, 30, 231 - entry into force 14.07.2006]