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Article 49

(1) In each constituency, the electoral bureau of constituency shall bring to public knowledge the preliminary election results, once in 24 hours at least, before the receipt of minutes and voting results from all the electoral bureaux subordinated to it.

(2) Following the receipt of voting results from all the electoral bureaux of constituency, the electoral bureau of constituency shall bring the election results to public knowledge.

(2-1) Within 48 hours of the receipt of the final results from all the electoral bureaux of constituencies, the Central Electoral Bureau shall conclude a separate minute for the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, respectively, throughout the country, including:

1. the number of electors who entered the electoral rolls;

2. the number of electors who went to pool – total;

3. the degree of participation in the elections – %; point 3 = (point 2 : point 1) x 100

4. the number of validly cast votes – total;

5. the number of null votes – total;

6. the number of blank votes – total;

7. the number of allotted mandates – total;

8. the grouping of mandates and validly cast votes allotted per political parties, organisations of citizens belonging to national minorities, political alliances, electoral alliances, independent candidate inclusive;

9. distribution of mandates throughout the country per constituencies and electoral colleges;

10. the organisations of citizens belonging to national minorities, that took part in the elections, but did not obtain any Deputy or Senator mandate, although they are entitled to one Deputy mandate, pursuant to article 9; full name of the candidate who obtained the largest number of votes.

(2-2) The minute shall be signed by the president, by his deputy, and by the other members of the Central Electoral Bureau who are to be present at its drawing up, and shall be submitted to the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate with a view to validating the mandates, together with the files drawn up by the electoral bureaux of constituency. The absence of any of the members’ signature shall have no relevance upon the validity of the minute and elections. The president shall mention the reasons which hindered the signing thereof.

(3) The Central Electoral Bureau shall publish the election results in the written press and in OJ, Part I, in due time.