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Article 49

§ 49. Preparation of voting

(1) Voting in a foreign state for voters permanently residing in the foreign state and voters temporarily staying there shall be organised by representations of Estonia.

(2) An honorary consulate, the honorary consul of which is an Estonian citizen, may be designated to organise voting by an order of the Government of the Republic. In such case, the honorary consulate shall perform the acts prescribed in this Chapter.

(3) Voting shall be organised by the head of a representation or an official designated by him or her. In the case prescribed in subsection (2) of this section, voting shall be organised by an honorary consul or a person designated by him or her. The person who organises voting must be a person who has the right to vote pursuant to subsections 4 (1) and (2) of this Act.

(4) The chief processor of the population register shall organise the forwarding of lists of voters permanently residing in foreign states to the representations. The following information shall be entered in the list of voters:

1) given name and surname;

2) personal identification code;

3) residential address, if known;

4) the number of the electoral district of which the consolidated list of candidates is sent to the voter.

(5) If the address of a voter permanently residing in a foreign state or a voter temporarily staying there is known, the representation shall send him or her a polling card by post or electronic mail not later than on the eighty-fifth day before election day.

(6) The following shall be entered on a polling card:

1) the given name and surname of the voter;

2) the date of birth of the voter;

3) the address of the voter;

4) the address of the representation;

5) the procedure for submitting an application to vote by post, for voting by post and for voting at the representation;

6) the due date for the receipt by the representation of applications to vote by post;

7) the due date for the receipt by the representation of ballot papers sent by post;

8) the time of voting at the representation.