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Article 89

The  government  shall  be  composed  of  a  Head   of  Government, Ministers, and secretaries of state selected by the Head of Government, and  in the  case  of the  Ministers  of Foreign Affairs and  Defence,  in consultation with the President  of the Republic.

Within  one  week  of the declaration of the definitive  election  results, the President  of the Republic  shall charge  the candidate of the party or the  election  coalition  having  won  the  largest  number  of seats  in the  Assembly  of the  Representatives   of the  People  with  forming  a government, within  a one  month  period,  extendable once.  If two or more  parties  or coalitions  have  the  same  number  of seats,  then  the party or coalition  having received  the largest number  of votes shall be asked to form a government.

If the specified period elapses without the formation of the government, or  if the  confidence of the  Assembly  of the  Representatives   of the People  is not  obtained, the  President  of the  Republic  shall  consult with  political   parties,   coalitions,   and   parliamentary  groups,   with the  objective   of  charging  the  person  judged  most  able  to  form  a government within a period of not more than one month.

If in the four month period following the first designation of a person to form a government, the members  of the Assembly of Representatives of the people  fail to grant confidence in a government, the President of the Republic  may dissolve  the Assembly of the Representatives  of the People  and  call for new  legislative  elections  to be held  within  a minimum  of 45 days and a maximum  of 90 days.

The  government shall  present  a  summary  of its programme to  the Assembly of the  Representatives  of the  People  with  the  objective  of obtaining   the  confidence of  an  absolute   majority  of  its  members. Should the government thus gain the confidence of the Assembly, the President  of the Republic  shall appoint  the Head  of Government and the members  of the government.

The Head  of Government and  the members  of the government shall swear the following oath before the President  of the Republic:

“I swear  by Almighty God  to work loyally for the benefit  of Tunisia, to respect  the country’s  Constitution  and  its legislation,  to defend  its interests and bear full allegiance to it”.