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Article 21

Precinct Election Commission Authorities

1) The precinct election commission shall:

1) inform the public about the address and telephone numbers of respective precinct election commission, working hours, ballot date and venue and on voters, referendum participants included in the list;
2) ensure access of voters and referendum participants to the list of voters, referendum participants for familiarization and verification;
3) accept and consider applications on errors and inaccuracies in the list of voters, referendum participants, address the issue of making appropriate changes in them;
4) accept applications from voters on voting at the polling address;
5) verify the list of voters, referendum participants on the respective territory;
6) oversee compliance with the rules of displaying propaganda and campaign materials on the precinct territory;
7) organize voting at the polling station on the day of the election, referendum;
8) count the votes and identify the ballot returns at the polling station;
9) ensure transfer of documents related to preparation and conduct of elections, referenda to a higher ranking election commission or the archive office;
10) consider applications and complaints related to violation of the electoral legislation within its competence and take decisions on them;
11) when needed hire employees on labor contract basis to perform activities related to preparation and conduct of elections, referenda;
12) ensure safety of material values and property;
13) submit a financial report on the budget funds allocated and spent to prepare and conduct elections, referenda;
14) execute other authorities under the present Law and electoral legislation.

2) Precinct Election Commission shall bear responsibility for non-performance or improper performance of its authorities in accordance with the legislation.