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Article 3

Universal suffrage

1. Kyrgyz citizens who have attained the age of 18, have the right to elect and, upon attaining the age established by the Constitution of KR (hereinafter referred to as the Constitution) and this Constitutional Law, have the right to be elected to the state bodies and local self-governments.
2. Kyrgyz citizens can elect and be elected irrespective of their origin, sex, race, nationality, disability, education, official and material capacity, confession, political and other convictions;
3. Citizens adjudicated by court as legally incapable or those kept in places of confinement, may not vote.
4. Citizens whose conviction has not been cancelled pursuant to the procedures established by law, may not be elected for presidency or Jogorku Kenesh deputies.
5. Citizens exercise their suffrage rights in line with the requirements, provided by this law. (added as of 23/04/15)