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Article 54

§ 54. Voting at representation

(1) If a voter does not submit an application to vote by post within the term provided for in subsection 50 (5) of this Act or does not send a ballot paper to the representation by the due date provided for in subsection 52 (2) of this Act, he or she may vote at the representation at a time determined by the representation.

(2) A representation shall allow voting at the representation on at least two days in the period between fifteen days and ten days before election day.

(3) At a representation, a voter shall complete a ballot paper pursuant to the provisions of this Act. Thereafter the voter shall place the completed ballot paper in an envelope. The voter shall place this envelope in another envelope. The voter or the person organising the voting shall write the name and personal identification code and the number of the electoral district of the voter on the outer envelope. A voter temporarily staying in a foreign state shall also write his or her residential address in Estonia on the outer envelope.

(4) A voter voting at a representation shall sign the list of voters voting at the representation against the receipt of a ballot paper.