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Article 39

The polling station

1. Voting at elections of the President, deputies of the Parliament, maslikhats and members of other local self-government bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall be conducted in the specially allocated premises equipped with the required number of polling booths. Places for issue of ballots as well as ballot-boxes must be arranged in such a way that voters at the approach to them shall inevitably have to pass through the polling booths. Observers, proxies, media representatives and members of the election commission must be ensured with opportunity to watch the ballotboxes, the entrance and exit from the polling booths.

2. The persons who are at the polling station shall be strictly obliged to observe the rules established by the election commission. The chairperson of the corresponding election commission shall regulate the number of the voters in the polling station, shall be responsible for the order and shall be eligible to demand from anyone who offends the provisions of this Constitutional Act and hinders the conduct of voting to leave the polling station.

On Election Day, all the persons, who are not involved in the electoral process, shall be forbidden to stay in the premise of polling stations.

In case of infringement of the Constitutional Act of the Republic of Kazakhstan at elections, the member of the precinct election commission shall immediately be removed from the participation in the work of the commission, the observer and other persons shall leave the polling station on the basis of the well-grounded decision of the election commission accepted in written form.

Fulfillment of the given decision shall be realized by the law-enforcement bodies, the latter shall also undertake all possible measures to make answerable the discharged member of the election commission and the sent away observer or any other person for their violation of the provisions and rules of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3. Ensuring the order at the polling stations shall be assigned to the law-enforcement bodies. The employees of the law-enforcement bodies shall enter and stay at the polling station only by invitation of the commission chairperson and shall be obliged to leave it immediately after recovering of order or at a request of the chairperson.