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Article 64


(a) In each polling booth a list of voters entitled to vote in that polling booth together with copies of the photograph of each voter shall be kept by the Assistant Commissioners. Every page of such list and every correction or cancellation thereon shall be signed by a Commissioner and a party delegate of each political party.

(b) Copies of such lists without photographs shall be forwarded by the Commission to all political parties contesting the election, who ask for such lists in writing, at least fifteen days prior to the day fixed for voting and the Commission shall keep the political parties informed of all changes effected to such lists. The lists shall identify the polling booth where each voter entitled to vote shall exercise his right to vote, shall list the voters who are to vote in each polling booth in alphabetical order according to the surname so the voters, assigning to each voter a distinct and consecutive number and indicating the name, surname, address and identity card number of each voter as well as the registered number of the respective voting document of each voter.

(c) The Commission shall also forward to political parties receiving such lists any alteration, addition or deletion to or from such lists on a daily basis up to the day immediately preceding the poll and such political parties may check the correctness of the information held or received by the Commission at any time.

(d) The name of every voter who delivers a valid voting document and to whom a ballot paper is delivered by the Assistant Commissioners shall be marked on such last kept for the purpose by the Assistant Commissioners and in such manner as is directed by the Commission.

(2) Voting shall be held on a Saturday. Voting shall start at 7.00 a.m. and shall close at 10.00 p.m.:

Provided that every voter, who at the close of time of voting is present in a polling place for the purpose of voting shall be entitled to receive a ballot paper and to vote:

Provided further that, where the Commission are satisfied that the time allowed for voting has been, or will be, for any reason beyond their control, reduced at all or in any one or more of the places they may, whether before or after the poll has commenced, extend the time fixed for the poll at such polling place or places so as to make good for the time lost, as aforesaid.

(3) The Commission shall, as far as possible, provide facilities so that handicapped persons, including persons in wheelchairs, may vote in comfort.