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Article 39

Publishing of voting results

1. Voting returns at each election precinct and territory covered by the activities of the election commission, election results on the electoral constituencies in the volume of the data contained in the Protocols of the CEC and subordinate election commissions, shall be provided to voters, candidates, representatives of candidates and political parties, observers, international observers, representatives of mass media upon request. Voting returns for each election precinct shall immediately be placed on the official website of the CEC on a rolling basis. The voting return data placed on the official website of the CEC is the preliminary information of no legal significance.

2. The CEC shall forward general information on the election results to mass media within one day after determining the election results. 3. Election results, information on the number of the votes received by each candidate and a list of candidates, the votes cast against all candidates and against all lists of candidates, including the data in the protocols of subordinate election commissions on the voting results based on which the results of elections were determined, shall be officially published by the Central Electoral Commission within two weeks from the date, on which election results were determined.