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Article 49

Procedure for Nomination of a candidate for President

1. The number of candidates for President is not limited. Any person who has collected at least 30 thousand of voters’ signatures can be registered as a candidate for President.
2. Nomination of candidates for President shall commence on the day following the date of official publication of the decision on calling of elections and end 75 calendar days prior to the election day.
3. The right to nominate candidates for President belongs to citizens through self-nomination and to political parties registered in the established manner as of the date of official publication of the decision on calling of elections. A state executive power body authorized to perform political parties’ registration shall make a list of the registered political parties and no later than three calendar after the decision on calling elections came into force shall ensure publication of this list in the official publications of the regulatory acts of KR specifying the leader of each political party and also within the same timeframe shall send this list to the CEC.
4. Nomination of a candidate for President shall be carried out by a political party pursuant to the procedure stipulated by its Charter and in line with the requirements hereof.
The protocol of a political party on nomination of a candidate and attached application (applications) on his/her intent to run for Presidency shall be submitted by an authorized representative of the political party in a printed form to the CEC.
The CEC must issue a written confirmation (a certificate) of the documents receipt to the person, who submitted the documents.
The abovementioned confirmation (a certificate) shall be issued immediately upon submission of the documents.
5. Nomination of a candidate for President through self-nomination shall be performed by filing a statement of intent to run for Presidency to the CEC.