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Article 52

Signatures collection in support of candidate for presidency

1. A candidate running for the position of President must be supported by no less than 30 thousand signatures of voters.
2. Collection of signatures shall be carried out from the day of nomination of candidates for presidency and shall be organized by the authorized representatives of candidates.
3. Only signatures of voters who enjoy the right to vote maybe collected. Collection of voters’ signatures shall be carried out at the place of work, service, study, residence, at election events and in other places, where campaigning and collection of signatures are not prohibited by this Constitutional Law.
4. The right to collect signatures of voters shall belong to any citizen at full legal age, having legal capacity.
5. Voters may put their signature in support of various candidates, but only once, in support of the same candidate.
6. Signatures collection procedure and signature form shall be established by the CEC.
7. Signature lists for collection of signatures in support of a candidate for presidency shall be submitted by their authorized representatives no later than 50 days prior to the election day to the CEC, which, within ten days shall carry out checking of signature authenticity with involvement of registration services officials. When accepting signature lists the CEC shall seal each signature list and issue a written confirmation of acceptance of signature lists.
8. Either all or a part of the submitted signatures selected randomly (through casting a lot) may be checked.
All candidates, who submitted signatures for registration, shall be notified about each case of the checking. During the checking of signatures, including those selected randomly, all candidates who submitted the established number of signatures or their authorized representatives may be present.
9. Signature lists shall be considered invalid if the requirements established by this Article are not observed.