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Article 53

Registration of candidates for presidency

1. To get registered, a candidate for presidency or his/her authorized representative shall submit the following documents to the CEC no later than 45 calendar days prior to the election day:

1) an application for self-nomination or a protocol on nomination with attachment of an application (applications) with an intent to run as a candidate for presidency;
2) a form with information about a candidate and his/her biographic data;
3) a copy of his/her passport;
4) a certificate from the place of work or study;
5) a document confirming payment of the financial deposit established by this Constitutional Law.

2. The CEC within 10 calendar days from the day of documents acceptance shall check the compliance of the candidate nomination procedure with requirements of the Constitution and this Constitutional Law and shall carry out registration of candidates for presidency or take a justified decision to reject registration.

If the CEC has found inconsistencies in the documents of a candidate, which is an obstacle for registration of the candidate, the CEC must notify the candidate or political party about these inconsistencies within 24 hours after receipt of the documents. A candidate or political party may, within 48 hours after receipt of the notification, make necessary changes and submit revised documents to the CEC.

3. In the case of registration of a candidate nominated by a political party, the appropriate decision of the election commission shall specify the fact of his/her nomination by a relevant political party.

4. Prior to registration and after checking of the submitted documents a candidate for presidency shall place a financial deposit out of the funds of his/her election fund to a special account of the CEC in a thousand-fold amount of the calculated index established by the legislation. The contributed financial deposit shall be returned to the candidate after the elections, if at least 5 percent of voters who participated in the vote have cast their votes for him/her. The remaining amount of the pledge shall not be credited to the budget, but shall be used by the CEC in a targeted way for preparation and conducting of elections and improvement of the election system.

5. Registration of Presidential candidates shall end 35 calendar days prior to the election day.

6. In case of a decision to reject candidate’s registration, the CEC must issue a candidate or his/her authorized representative a copy of the decision within a day from the decision taking and specify the grounds for refusal.

7. The grounds for refusal shall include:

1) failure to provide registration documents necessary for registration of a candidate under
this Constitutional Law;
2) insufficient number of submitted authentic voters’ signatures in support of a candidate;
3) lack of the right to be elected;
4) failure of the candidate to create an election fund in the cases established by this Constitutional Law;
5) non-compliance with the requirements provided for in Item 3 of Article 21 hereof.

If a candidate or an authorized representative thereof has not submitted all the necessary documents mentioned in this Article, but provided them additionally prior to expiration of the registration period, the election commission shall be obliged to register such candidate.

8. The CEC shall inform the person, whose registration as a candidate for presidency was rejected, about the decision. This decision may be appealed in the court within a five- day period.

9. A candidate for presidency may at any time, but no later than three days before the election day refuse further participation in the elections by filing a written application to the CEC. Based on the application, the CEC, which registered the candidate, shall take a decision on cancellation of the candidate’s registration.

10. No later than the fifth day after the candidates’ registration, the CEC shall publish information about registration of candidates in the press. The information shall include the name, surname, patronymic, year of birth, position (occupation) and place of residence of each candidate and information of his/her party membership.

11. Within 2 calendar days after the registration of candidates, the CEC shall issue them the appropriate certificates with the indication of the registration date.