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Article 60

Procedure of nominating candidate for deputy lists

1. Nomination of the lists of candidates for Jogorku Kenesh deputies shall begin from calling of the election and shall end 45 calendar days prior to the poling day.

2. The right to nominate candidates for Jogorku Kenesh deputies shall belong to political parties, which were officially registered and/or reregistered in the established manner as of the date of official publication of the decision on calling of the election. The state executive power body authorized to perform political parties’ state registration shall form a list of the registered political parties and within 3 calendar days after the decision on calling of the election came into force it shall arrange for publication of the list in the official publications of the regulatory acts of KR with the indication of the leader of each political party. The list shall be forwarded to the CEC within the same period. The decision on nomination of the list of candidates shall be made by secret ballot at a political party congress.

3. The total number of candidates nominated by a political party according the list may not be less than 120 and more than 200 candidates.

When determining the list of candidates, a political party must take into account the following conditions:

- no more than 70 percent of candidates of the same gender; the difference in the sequence in the lists of candidates between men and women nominated by the political parties may not exceed three positions;
- at least 15 percent of candidates must be less than 35 years old;
- at least 15 percent of candidates must be of different ethnic grounds;
- at least two candidates must be people with limited health capacities; one of them must be included into the list of the first 50 deputies.

4. Within five calendar days after calling of the election of deputies to the Jogorku Kenesh, the political parties which expressed an intent to participate in the election shall send a written notification to the CEC about their participation in the election and shall indicate the name and data of an authorized political party representative, who enjoys the right to sign electoral documents required from political parties in line with this Constitutional Law. A written notification with an enclosed notarized copy of the political party’s charter shall be signed by the political party leader and a seal of the political party shall be affixed.
A political party shall agree with the CEC upon a brief name and emblem to be used in the electoral documents in the event they differ from the name and emblem described in its charter. Any change in the name and emblem of a political party shall not be allowed until the end of the election process after they are submitted to the CEC.
The CEC must, without delay, issue a written document to a political party confirming reception of this notification and a certificate necessary for opening of a special election account for the purpose of forming the election fund by a political party.
5. The list of the candidates nominated by a political party and certified by the signature and the seal of the political party shall be submitted to the CEC.After submission of the list of candidates to the CEC, its composition and the sequence of candidates in the list may not be changed, except for the changes caused by withdrawal of the candidates. In this case, the place of the withdrawn candidate shall be taken over by another member of the political party subject to requirements of item 3 of this Article.